Promotion or pay rise?
Recent research by recruiting specialists Robert Half discovered that the vast majority (94%) of senior…
Sep 30th 2016
What happened to the nation’s pay rise?
Earlier this year, the government increased the minimum wage for those over 25. However, at…
Sep 30th 2016
Student loans: a burden for graduates and employers alike
Many graduates will have their student loan payments deducted from their salaries for the rest…
Sep 30th 2016
Personal tax accounts make refunds easier
The new online personal tax account means people can reclaim tax they are owed by…
Sep 27th 2016
HMRC targets anti-avoidance ‘enablers’
In August, HMRC published a consultation document on adding a new weapon to its anti-avoidance…
Sep 27th 2016
Autumn 2015 – E-Newsletter
Our Autumn E-newsletter is now available at the below link:   newnham-and-son-autumn-16-e-news
Sep 27th 2016
Brexit: the deed is done, now what?
The outcome of the Referendum confounded the predictions of the opinion polls, the bookies and…
Jul 1st 2016
How your income tax bill really has gone up
Independent research shows that if you feel you’re paying more income tax than you used
Jul 1st 2016
Summer E-Newsletter
Our summer news letter is now available at the below link: Newnham and Son –
Jun 1st 2016

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