Tax Free Gifts: Trivial Benefits for Directors & Family
Today, you can use allowances to give away tax free gifts. But, it is important…
Aug 2nd 2022
National Insurance Contributions: NIC Changes Coming This July!
National insurance contributions (NIC) are changing. And, at Newnham & Son it’s our job to…
Jun 23rd 2022
Gift Aid Donations & Why You Should Make Yours Now!
Making a charitable donation in place of physical gifts is a worthy tradition in some…
Mar 31st 2022
Income Tax Repayments: Delays You Should Know About!
For many, income tax repayments are a time to look forward to. But, today, the…
Feb 15th 2022
MTD Penalties: New MTD Filing Penalties Explained
From this year, new MTD penalties specific to filing will come into play. Filing VAT…
Jan 11th 2022
Benefits of Electric Cars & Vehicles: Road Tax and Government Grants
The fuel crisis last September has encouraged many people to look into the benefits of…
Dec 20th 2021
MTD: Going Digital in Advance of Making Tax Digital
From 6 April 2023, all unincorporated businesses will have to keep their business records in…
Oct 15th 2021
Do I Need an Accountant for a Limited Company or Small Business?
If you’re asking yourself “do I need an accountant for my business?”, you’re not alone!…
Jul 6th 2021
Limited Company Tax: The Basics
There are three different types of business structure you can choose for your company. All
Nov 11th 2019

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