6th April 2017 Reminders…..

Tax year beginning planning can be just as valuable as its more familiar year end counterpart.

The run up to 5 April, with the Budget (and often Easter) intervening, can be a frenetic time for personal financial planning. All tends to go quiet once the new tax year begins, but the reality is that there are many planning points that are worth considering at the start of the tax year rather than leaving it until the end.

  • ISA contributions (£20,000 maximum in 2017/18) are best made at the start of the year rather than the end, as it means the tax benefits are enjoyed for nearly a year longer.
  • A similar argument applies to pension contributions, although if your income for the year ahead is uncertain, the case for delay is stronger.
  • The dividend allowance is £5,000 per tax year, so it is worth checking early on how much dividend income you are likely to receive and whether that prompts any investment changes. If you are married or in a civil partnership, that might mean transferring assets between the two of you.
  • Similar considerations of who holds what apply to deposit accounts and the personal savings allowance of up to £1,000 a year each.
  • The many thresholds built into the income tax system are a driver to working out what might be your total income in the tax year as soon as possible. If you know in April you are likely to be near a threshold by next March, you have that much more time to plan accordingly.

If you would like a tax year beginning review of your financial planning, please talk to us now – don’t wait until next March.


Client Testimonials

Below are a few recent client testimonials:

Roger and Ed have guided us through the financial maze with great dexterity and all along charging us competitive rates for a very personal service.

We can sincerely say that it is a pleasure to have such competent and pleasant people as our accountants.

David Durnford-Slater | Director | DBS Offshore Ltd.

Newnham & Son, in particular Ed, supported our company as it grew from being a start-up to a successful mature business.  Along the way the service provided was excellent, with a personal service and a fast turnaround to any questions we had. I would not hesitate to recommend Newnham & Son to any business seeking a trusted accountancy advisor – we consider them to be a partner in our business success and an outsourced financial function.

Melanie Redding | Director & Co_Founder | JuMelia ltd

Newnham and Son have been with us every step of the way, from registering us with Companies house, scaling the team and through several complex fundraising rounds. 24/7 there is a friendly and knowledgeable voice at the end of a phone, happy to do just about anything to help.  We couldn’t recommend them more.

Freddy Macnamara | Founder | Cuvva Ltd

I am confident that Newnham & Son will provide the accessible, friendly, customer-driven expertise that has benefited me since Roger Newnham became my tax and accountancy advisor in 1979.

Dr. John Symons

Since working with Newnham & Son for the last five years, I’ve found them to be reliable, conscientious and proactive. I would highly recommend them!

Sweeta Patel | Director | The Corner Shop Created Ltd.

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